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If The Buck Foundation invites the submission of a full proposal, the proposal should include the information below. Having this information prepared ahead of time will help ensure the application process goes smoothly. Please develop your grant application offline prior to uploading your proposal. To help you prepare for completing the application, please refer to the Colorado Common Grant Application which uses the same questions as our online grant application. However, please note that the Buck Foundation online grant application has specific word limits detailed below.


Mission Statement (word count 100)


Describe what the grant will be used for. (word count 250)


1.  ORGANIZATION BACKROUND. Discuss the founding and development of the organization. Explain the original issue and/or opportunity the organization was founded to address and how that may have changed over time. (word count 500)

2.  GOALS. Describe the organization’s current goals. (word count 250)

3.  CURRENT PROGRAMS. Provide a brief description of the organization’s current programs. Include population and numbers served, as well as expected results. If this request is for a specific program, describe the organization’s other programs here. Describe the program for which you are seeking funding in Question 4. (word count 250)


a)    Provide a summary of the plan for the program or project request. Include the issue and/or opportunity addressed, goals and objectives, activities, and timeline.

b)    Explain why the organization is approaching the issue and/or opportunity in this way.

5.  EVALUATION.  Respond to (a) AND (b), then respond to (c) OR (d) as relates to your specific request. (word count 500)

a)    Describe the organization’s overall approach to evaluation.

b)    Describe how the organization measures impact. If this is a program request, describe how impact is measured for the program that is the subject of this proposal.

Respond to (c) OR (d). This information captures results from the past:

c)     For general operating requests: Summarize key evaluation results or findings that demonstrate the organization’s impact. Indicate the time frame for the results or findings.

d)    For program or project requests: Summarize key evaluation results or findings that demonstrate the program or project impact. Indicate the time frame for the results or findings.

6.  COLLABORATION. Describe the organization’s most significant interactions with other organizations and efforts. For program and project requests, address this question with respect to that program or project only. (word count 500)

7.  INCLUSIVENESS. Describe how the organization strives to be inclusive in its programs, staff, board, and volunteers, and describe the progress to date. (word count 250)

8.  BOARD/GOVERNANCE. Describe the role of the board of directors in advancing the mission of the organization. Include the key issues related to board effectiveness that are being addressed this year, the organization’s policy regarding board terms, and the percentage of the board that contributes financially to the organization. (word count 250)

9.   VOLUNTEERS. Describe how the organization involves volunteers and unpaid personnel (other than the board of directors) within a typical 12-month time period. Include number of volunteers and hours (if tracked by the organization). (word count 250)

10.  PLANNING. Describe the challenges and opportunities facing the organization in the next three to five years. Additionally, describe how the organization engages in planning and describe the focus of any current planning efforts.  (word count 250)

11.  OPTIONAL. If there is additional information that is vital to convey in this proposal, do so here. (This must be contained within the four-page limit for general operating requests or the five-page limit for program and project requests.)  (word count 250)

Attachments to include:

1.   BUDGETS.  Include revenues and expenses.

a)    The organization’s operating budget for the current fiscal year. If available, also include the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

     If the request is for a program or project, also include:

b)    Program or project budget for the program period.

2.   Current (year-to-date) financial statements.  Include a Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and Statement of Activities (Income and Expense Statement) through the most recently completed operating month available (must be within the past three months). Provide the Statement of Activities in a budget-to-actual format if the organization uses that format.

3.  Year-end financial statements, audit, and Sources of Income.

Include the most recent fiscal year-end financial statements, audited if available. If the organization has an audit, but it is not available for the most recent fiscal year-end, also include the most recent audit.

4.   Major contributors.  For the previous two fiscal years, list major contributors (foundations, businesses, government, individuals) with amounts.  Do not include names of individual donors.

5.   In-kind contributions.  Summary of significant in-kind donations (donated goods and professional services) received by the organization for the last fiscal year.

Other Attachments

6.   Board of Directors list. Include the following information for each board member:

  • Position(s) on the board (officer and committee positions)
  • Occupation and name of employer and/or affiliation(s)

7.   Proof of IRS federal tax-exempt status, also called a Letter of Determination. This letter must be dated within the last five years.

8.  Anti-discrimination statement adopted by the board of directors.

9.   List of names and qualifications of key staff, including length of service with the organization. Do not include job descriptions or resumes.

10.   Annual report, if available.

11..  Evaluation results (optional): Provide the organization’s most recent evaluation results or findings, relevant to this request.