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 What is the Buck Foundation?

The Buck Foundation is a family foundation with a commitment to peace and social justice that supports children, youth, women and communities of need. It was founded by Douglas H. Buck and Mildred M. Buck in 1986 and benefits from continuing involvement and support by their children and grandchildren.

 Does the Buck Foundation have any restrictions on potential grant recipients?

Yes. The Buck Foundation awards grants only to 501(c)(3) organizations and non-governmental agencies. The Buck Foundation will not accept grant applications from individuals, for endowments, or for capital campaigns. Additionally, the Buck Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests.

 What areas does the Buck Foundation support?

The Buck Foundation supports the following areas:

Economic Assistance: Improving the quality of life for emotionally, physically, economically, or intellectually disadvantaged families and individuals including children who lack the resources to help themselves.

Public Policy and Advocacy: Realizing that change requires advocacy, we welcome grant requests from organizations that engage in public policy and advocacy. The Buck Foundation is increasing its support for organizations engaged in advocacy and public policy change.

Social Services: Addressing social issues facing women, children, and families by supporting programs that provide services in areas such as domestic violence, homelessness, drug abuse, and legal assistance.

Education: Addressing only the issues that support at-risk and low-income K-12 students by supporting programs that will improve the quality of education and encourage those students to excel and become future leaders.

 How does the Buck Foundation allocate funds?

Grant applications are considered by the Buck Foundation’s Board of Directors who then determines the allocation of funds.

 What are the geographic funding areas?

The Buck Foundation accepts solicited proposals from qualified organizations in Colorado, nationwide, and internationally. We also accept solicited proposals from Hana in East Maui, Hawai’i, where the family has a long standing history. From time to time, Buck family members will make discretionary grants outside of these geographic areas.

 What are the monetary limits on the amount of a grant request?

 The average grant size is between $5,000 and $10,000.

 How can my organization apply for a grant?

We will solicit applicants.

 What is the time interval between submitting a grant application and the Buck Foundation acting on that request?

Grants are awarded once a year, in August. Grant requests received by March 15th will be acted upon by August 1st.

 If the Board of Directors approves a grant request, what happens?

The applicant will be notified by letter as well as email and will receive the grant award by August 1st. Grantees will be requested to provide an online report of the impact the grant has had on the clients served by the program, in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the grant award letter.

 If the Board of Directors does not approve a grant request, what happens?

The applicant will be notified by letter by August 1st.