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The Buck Foundation is a family foundation with a commitment to peace and social justice that supports children, youth, women, and communities of need. It was founded by Douglas H. Buck and Mildred M. Buck in 1986 and benefits from continuing involvement and support by their children and grandchildren. Based on the progressive values of the founders, the Buck Foundation works to assist those most in need and works closely with the community to build a just world. Values of compassion, justice, fairness, inclusivity, and equality are central to the foundation and our philanthropy.

The Buck Foundation originated in Colorado and continues strong associations there.We also accept solicited proposals from Hana in East Maui, Hawai’i, where the family has a long-standing history. However, over the last 32 years, small grants have been made to non-profit organizations outside of these geographic areas.

The Buck Foundation supports grassroots organizations often overlooked by mainstream philanthropy. We support community building activities and we favor programs and organizations that are led by, and work with, people living in poverty, immigrants, refugees, and people of color. The Buck Foundation values innovation and welcomes organizations prepared to take risks in order to address pressing social issues.